The surface of Curtain wall aluminum honeycomb panels has been coated with a kind of pre-coil coating fluorocarbon polymer coating
which is completed at the first time, which can effectively control the chromatic aberration of the surface coating and the flatness of aluminum
panels and successfully solve the problem of coarse particles in traditional spray coating technique, thus colors of the coating are fine and
smooth, soft and bright With fluorocarbon resins are mainly composed of not less than 70% of Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000, fluorocarbon polymer
coating is a kind of durable bond coat with the most steady molecular structure Products coated with fluorocarbon coating can resist ultraviolet
radiation in the sunshine and erosion of industrial exhaust gas, chemical rain and various chemicals, keep colors unchanged, bright and
clean, and prevent the coat from desquamation, chapping and pulverization over a long period of time