The production of aluminum sheet is divided into two major steps: the first step is sheet metal processing.This process is mainly through cutting, flanging, bending, welding, polishing and other processes, aluminum sheet into the required shape and size for construction.The second step is spraying.Painting is painting a finished sheet metal.There are two kinds of spraying, one is manual spraying, the other is machine spraying.Machine spraying is generally only suitable for regular plate, but this kind of aluminum single plate is less used in actual use, most of the domestic manufacturers of artificial spraying.Manual spraying is a dangerous work, because the volatile and toxic paint is relatively strong, it is easy to cause chronic benzene poisoning, seriously affecting people's health.One of the great advantages of manual spraying is that no matter the size of the amount, the color can be selected, and the roller coating of the aluminum plastic plate must reach a certain amount before it can be processed.The processing process of aluminum plastic plate is more complex than that of aluminum single plate. There are four main processes: forming, coating, compounding and trimming.It can be seen from its processing that the aluminum plastic plate has certain advantages in environmental protection and safety.In addition to the simple process of sheet metal addition, some private workshops have also started to get involved, seriously affecting the stability of the market quality of aluminium sheet metal.