Processing technology of wave shaped aluminum veneer:

First, for without limitation, section aluminum tube or O state the aluminum rectangular tube material of aluminum processing U groove after bending machine arc bending, forming various arc type C, S and other curvature arc aluminum rectangular tube, reoccupy stretch bending machine in stretch bending process, pull out all kinds of curve arc aluminum rectangular tube.The curved aluminum square passageway of various radians is used to construct the wavy ceiling of different shapes or other shapes.As a result of the use of curved aluminum square bending machine, the processing costs are relatively low, compared with other models of aluminum square less expensive.The arc square pass produced by this processing method is consistent in radian, high in production efficiency and cheap in price. The material thickness is more than 1.2mm and the arc radius is more than 1000mm.

The second is the engraving of welded curved aluminum veneer (also known as:Arc corrugated box section aluminum), according to the first arc rectangular tube drawing using precision engraving machine carved on the aluminum plate for curved piece of material, and then after finalize the welding, welding arc of rectangular tube billet, after fine grinding and polishing correction again, make a curvy arc or corrugated box section, this way of processing the production of the product is not restricted by the size of the arc, arbitrary curvature, arbitrary shape can be made up of arc machine, can produce continuous wavy, size, wavy, special-shaped curved side by wave, carved processing difficulty is a big waste of materials, welding requirement is high,The material thickness is required to be at least 2.0mm or more (2.5mm thickness *** * is recommended as appropriate), so the polishing and polishing requirements are high, so the cost is relatively high.

Specification of arc aluminum square pass:

The specification of arc aluminum square pass can be the specification of aluminum tube of normal profile, such as 50*100/50*120/50*80/30*100/40*100, etc., the thickness is more than 1.2mm, and there are many specifications.When making curved shaped square flowers with aluminum veneer, the thickness of the material is required to be at least 2.0 or above. Generally, the aluminum plate with 2.5mm thickness is of high cost performance.Arc aluminum fangtong arc shape, our company can also be customized according to the design requirements of customers, to make products completely in line with customer engineering.